Square mix top for bangle

1.525,00 kr
Mixed Square top for bangle.

You can choose from over 30 different tops and change between your favorites.
The top works as the lock for the bangle.

Choose between 6 different mixed Square tops. 

Mix 1: Peridot, Sky blue topaz and Swiss blue topaz
Mix 2: Smokey quartz, citrine and peridot
Mix 3: Smokey quartz, citrine and white moonstone
Mix 4: Pink topaz, swiss blue topaz and peridot
Mix 5: Sky blue topaz, pink topaz and amethyst
Mix 6: Swiss blue topaz, amethyst and citrine

The top is produced in goldplated or rhodium plated sterling silver. 

Please note that this is the top without bangle. 
Gemstone mix:

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